07 august 2007

Isola D'Elba activation - IOTA: EU-028 - Conclusion

I have the QSL cards to be printed. Here is the front of the special QSL card.
So... Seems like was a long time ago!

In that week of Elba Island activation, I made over 300 QSO's, main
ly with european stations. unfortunately, the YO3 was hard to reach... Not because it was no propagation, but because of "crocodiles"... You know... Big mouth, no ears! HI!
I was able to contact some exotic stations, like
RK1B from Kotlin Island, IT9HUV from Sicily Island, IB0/OM5AW from Ponza Island, DL40RRDXA, EA6/EA3ATM from Menorca Island, YU8/HB4FG Swiss Army Ham station in Kosovo and so on.
Many thanks to mr.
Pier Luigi Anzini, IK2UVR / N2UVR from ARI who gave me great informations about working from Italy!

First conclusion: Never, but, never I will use a horiziontal dipole from remote places such Elba Island... Why? Because the place can be very hard for such an antenna! In this situation, I can not install the dipole for more than 7 m above ground and this was bad because it was a lot of attenuation from the ground! Instead I will use a vertical center loaded antenna, made from a fishpole stick (more to come in a special post here) with a ATU.
Second conclusion: I will never carry more than 15 m of coaxial cable!!! I left on the island more than 20m of Belden cable due to the weight restrictions on air transport!
Third conclusion: I have to study more on NVIS! :-)
Fourth: Never let the child to flush with water a digital camera! :-(
Fifth: Have to be more than one radio operator because of great Lemoncello!!!

I will send the QSL card via Bureau and some of them direct. I want to send around 10 direct because was, for me at least, very special QSO-s! For other stations, I will send QSL card via Bureau, or, If requested, direct but only if I receive
one IRC coupon per envelope. To make things simpler, I can put up to 3 QSL cards into a single envelope in order to send with one IRC.
I already spent a lot of money to make special QSO's
and I want you (who asked for direct mailing) to understand the request for IRC.
Also I will send QSL card for SWL listners who asked for but they have to mention the other Ham station in QSO, with frequency (at least the band in whic
h we worked) , date and GMT. This card will be sent without IRC in exchange.
Thank you!

Sad about:
-Not able to use the 14.145 because of
it9ryh who, intentionally, made some stupid tests all day long with some recording machine and with a QRO stage!
-The short time spent on the island;

-The absence of my TS2000X...

-The lack of HDD space on my laptop for more pictures...

Interesting fact:
Using the 40m horizontal dipole, I was able to work
well on 2m and 70cm band over 600km!!! That was something special!

The request for direct QSL card can be made sending direct QSL to:
Adrian Florescu

Octavian Goga 4, bl.M26, sc.3, ap.69
Sector 3, Bucuresti, 030982

73! de yo3hjv

Below, some pictures I take:

This is not on the island but in Bologna. Some horn antennas for microwave!

View from Piombinno Maritimo Railway station.

Ferryboat at Piombino Maritimo.

Me and Maria on the ferry.

The roads at Ripalte-Costa dei Gabbiani (Seagull's Coast).

Italian style: Luxous sofa on the beach.

The villa from where I made the QSO's... Nice place... Quiet...

Some view at dusk.

Nice vessel!

Porto Azzurro.


Maria posing (20 months old).

The Prison. Hm, when I was back at home I discovered that I forget my Ham License in the scanner... OUPS!

Seagull farewell.

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