07 mai 2008

Firefox crash under Vista Ultimate Business

I have not had any issues on the IE 7 stoppage, but when I click a link in
Firefox that takes me to a page for a pop up or if i have to leave
that page I get the "Firefox has stopped working error". I already went to but that did not fix it. Any fixes??


The message was found on a forum. I have the same problem. My Firefox is updated at and i'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet.

By the way, i have some problems also with restoring after hibernation! The applications stops responding after waking from sleep or hibernation! Some people says that this is related to intel Turbo Memory. I remove it but it worked just for a few hibernation followed by waking. I tryied to remove some Thinkpad applications but nothing happens. I use the preinstalled system. I think I will try to install (clean install ) a Win XP Tablet edition.

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