10 ianuarie 2018

ICOM IC-7300 QRP measurements

On the ICOM IC-7300 FaceBook group i saw some discussions about the lowest power at which the radio transmitt.
Measuring the low power is not a simple task using common power-meters so I put on the work my NRP-Z11 Rohde-Schwarz sensor.
The sensor is able to measure very accurate the power between 200pW and 200mW (-67dbm - +23dbm) in the 10 MHz - 8 GHz range.
In the setup I used a BIRD 50A-MFN-20 attenuator (-20 db) and took measurements under that 23 dbm which can hurt the sensor.

I measured the power for "0", "5" and "10" on the "RF Power" Menu.

The results are in the XLS table below:

And here is a printscreen of the R&S program:


1. I had a revelation: the sensor is rated for frequencies above 10 MHz so the measurements below that frequency shall be taken with circumspection. Sorry I forget this, I rarely use it to measure the frequencies below 50 MHz.
2. The results are from my ICOM IC7300 and can be or not consistent with other similar radios.

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