14 aprilie 2012

To be or not to be...


Today I was in a QSO with a elder ham- YO2UW and some others in 40m band. We all had 100W output.
My signal was reported with a 9+10 db or so and I was reporting a 57, peaking at 59.
Oh My God, what I did!!!
"This is the first time my signal is 57 in Bucharest" he said! And he was a little sad about this and continued as addressing to another ham in frequency:
" I was giving him (to me) 59+10 and my signal is only 57 at his station! I will write this on my log!"
The other station, YO3YX, a "veteran" on 40m said to me that I have poor antenna.

OK, I admit, I have a VERY poor antenna! That's right! But I manage to have a 9+ signal.
Or not?

It is my fault that his signal is only 7 on my S-meter? Should I broke my radio because of that?

I am sick of all this "elders" who have nothing to say that "cincinoua-afaraploua" (fivenine-rainingoutside) and making big ado about nothing!
I cannot catch the importance of having only big RST on my log!
Ham radio is about experimenting not about bragging with unreal facts!

Anyway, from now on, i will give to all YO stations only 59+60 db! IF I will ever have a QSO with that kind of people!
Get a life dude!


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