26 martie 2018

Flashing ESP8266 firmware problem-solved!

I was playing with a Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 breakout board and somehow I screw it, leaving it into an undefined "load programm" state.

Tried to reflash it with NodeMCU formware programmer under Windows 7 environment but no success... The flashing stops somwhere around 4000 B upload and sent a failure message then stops.

The programmer was a FTDI USB to TTL programmer set on 3V logic.

After two days of wondering what is wrong and trying various combinations of hardware, I found a lot of comments somewhere about the same problem.

The solution is simple and involve a tweak on the COM port settings.

1. Go to DEVICE MANAGER and find the USB Serial Port under the PORTS.
2. Click right and select PROPERTIES.
4. Set RECEIVE (BYTES) from 4096 to 512.
5. Click OK whenever is asked to get out from that settings.
6. Connect FTDI USB to TTL adapter set on 3V to the Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 breakout board 
7. Start NodeMCU formware programmer, go to ADVANCED, check for baudrate to be 115200, 4MByte, 80 MHz, DIo.
8. Go to CONFIG and load the proper bin.
9. On the ESP board, push GPI0 button, keep it pushed then push  RESET.  Release RESET then GPI0. The ESP8266 get into flashing mode.
9 Go to OPERATION and click FLASH.  The window should populate with the MAC addresses of the ESP-12 board and the programm should start and the progress bar should advance. Slow but steady!

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