25 februarie 2009

GPS for Kenwood TM-D710

I was looking for a compact solution for APRS mobile operation. First, I was started with a HOLUX GM210 "mouse" GPS.
The GPS unit was powered from a little homebrew stabilizer from the 12V socket. The same case was hosting the connection between the radio and the GPS unit.
But, this solution was to messy for my auto because involved a lot of wires and boxes.
So, I started to look for a more compact solution.
And this is what I made: a little box with the GPS module inside among a double RJ45 connector. The connector is needed to have the +5V supplied directly by the radio.
At the time of making the project, I had to choose from where to have the 5V: from the remote head or directly from the radio.
The remote head of the radio is powered at 10V and has some LP stabilisers inside. The LP stabs was evaluated and the conclusion was that they must not be stressed with the supplementary current surged by the GPS unit.
Instead, I choose the main 10V from the radio, available directly from the RJ45 cable. So, I used 2 RJ45 female couplers, already with straight connections between pins.
The result is in the pictures. The case is a half of the initial housing which host the first stabilizer.
In the box is the Holux GM210 module, a LM7805 stabilizer and the conections.

07 februarie 2009


Sub numele de "Restitutio", Societatea Romana a Radioamatorilor a demarat proiectul de transpunere in format electronic a cartilor despre radioamatorism scrise in Romania.
Mai multe detalii aici.

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