30 septembrie 2022

This is wrong!

This is wrong! Very wrong!

A company, run by hams doing things that a ham should not do: calling to punish other hams for what their government is doing!

What if we call for punish against Israelian hams?

What if we call for punish against Argentinian hams?

What if we call for punish against Venezuelan hams?

What if, we call for punish against American hams?

I understand the pain of Ukrainian hams that cannot "cannot go on air or leave the country to visit exhibitions and participate in contests due to the martial law in the country" but to punish other radioamateurs for this unfortunate situation is wrong! Very wrong!

Why not punish the Chinese hams? After all, China is NOT supporting Ukraine!

Or, to simplify, why not punish the hams from ALL countries that not support Ukraine? Because, you know, there are such countries in the World!

Stop doing racist things in ham's world, please!

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