21 august 2009

SRR Mobile Comm Center

The initial purpose of this ARO is to display the capabilities of radio communications to the youngest. Also, it can play a important role in a Emmergency Communication Netwok as a message router between various frequencies and modes (incl. Digital modes: PSK31, RTTY, Digital Voice, HF and VHF Packet etc).
The main advantage is the quick field deployment in various places, on difficult road conditions or even in absence of roads! The tested top speed is around 120 Km/h on city roads. The car is capable of 4x4 traction on heavy condition due to Eaton Gearbox (5+1 gears) and the Andoria 2500 cmc, TDI engine. It has an astonishing autonomy of about 1000 km (incl.heavy roads)! The radio equipment covers frequencies between 1,5 MHz-450 MHz, all modes and can be used as a mobile crossband repeater to establish radiocommunications between portable radios (VHF/UHF) on a range of minimum 20 km around the car on flat surface and 100+ Km when placing on hills or mountains! In HF, the M.C.C can use NVIS antennas or Low Angle antennas, beeing able to communicate with ham stations placed, virtually, all over the world. The M.C.C can be ready to go in less than one hour from the call!

17 august 2009

On route

Well, we (Me, my ARO and Pit (YO3JW) are on our way to some natural reservations.
We will work under YP1WFF callsign from YOFF-017, 009 and 021.
More info here.
By clicking the pictures you will be redirected to picasa gallery of this trip.

Trip WFF 2009

01 august 2009

Back from San Antioco island

Well, they found them!
Late at night (or early in the morning) I returned from Italy.
Well, I have a problem here... All our luggage are lost in Rome Airport transit. I have more to say about rome airport but I will make it through other blog, where I use to highlight what I like and dislike (especially).
I lost the radio set, I lost the computer with logs, clothes and Maria's toys.
Well, I use to think positive. I have the pictures as I saved them on a memory stick... Fortunately, I have my Nikon DSLR.
So, enjoy some pictures!
I will give some explanations later.

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