26 mai 2011

"Two on a Bicycle" - Friedrichschafen-Timisoara

A team of two (Ham and XYL) plan to made an epic bicycle trip in June!
The intend to depart from Friedrichschafen, just after the Ham Fair (June, 27 th), to keep the road among the Eurovelo 6.
The trip will be around 1.000 miles and they want to "touch" the following cities:

Tuttlingen- Sigmaringen- Ulm- Ingolstadt- Regensburg- Passau- Linz- Viena- Bratislava- Komarno- Budapesta- Szeged- Timisoara

They will use VHF/UHF portable radio for QSO's and kindly ask for some support for camping!
If anyone can help them, please be aware on 2m/70cm for this callsign:

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