25 noiembrie 2016

Kenwood TH D-74 Bugs

Yes, it has bugs! Ugly, big bugs crawling allover the screen!

I do have some memory positions occupied by some frequencies. Around 100...
I cannot use several software to connect to the TNC. Looks like some initialising problems.
I was trying to access the TNC via USB commands and nada!

I also observed that very often I got the red "STA" message, which means that the TNC Buffer memory is full. The stacked frame is transmitted when I manually press PTT.

When I reset the radio, erasing all the memories, the "STA" problem is gone! Still cannot run the TNC from RMS Express and have trouble to use APRSIS32.

Another bug is related to the battery:  After some charges the Batt. Indicator shows only two bars but the voltage is 8.32-8.36 which means a full LiIon battery. If the battery is removed and reinserted, the indicator shows full.

The firmware is 1.04.

Later edit: Still the same on 1.05.

Anyone with solutions?

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