14 iulie 2010


Our coleague, Aurel, The chief of YO3KSR Radioclub, left Bucharest for Juneau/Alaska. Here is the message:

Hello all!

From 15.07.2010 to 14.02.2011 i will be YO3IBZ/MM on Celebrity Mercury cruise ship, so when i will have free time i will work from the ship or i will go to shore to work from the land, you can check my Ship Itinerary and se where i will be maybe you will work me!

My equipment will be: Yaesu FT-817ND, 5w, one 11,9v 4,5A battery pack, and original battery pack from Yaesu (FNB-85)
Antenna 1: Fishing pole vertical multiband antenna.
Antenna 2: Longueur multiband antenna.
Antenna 3: Multiband Delta Loop antenna.

I will not have all antennas mounted, type of antenna will depend of location.

I wish you all the best 73&88 to you and your family!

YO3IBZ - Aurel.

More info HERE.

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