30 iulie 2012

Stratospherium II - 2012 High Altitude Balloon launch on August!

 Saturday, August the 4th, at around 8:00 LT (05:00 UTC) the YO3KSR team will try to launch a High Altitude Balloon (HALO), Stratospherium II.
This time, the balloon will have some scientific experiments on board and the APRS position and telemetry will be sent on 144.850 MHz in order to give a chance for foreign radioamateurs to directly receive the beacon.
We will digipeat the beacons onto 144.800 MHz in order to put Stratospherium II onto the APRS.FI via local I-Gates.
The photos and the movie from the onboard cameras will be available soon after the flight.
By looking around the flight area on www.aprs.fi, you will see the tracking team following the balloon.

Receiving reports are welcome to yo3hjv@gmail.com
The beacon will be transmitted into a dedicated antenna (kind of turnstile) with 5 W output power at every 12 seconds.
The telemetry (via APRS) will include: Main battery voltage, the payload internal temeperature and the external temperature.

For last minute informations, check: www.yo3ksr.ro
73 de Adrian Florescu, yo3hjv

Some images from Stratospherium I - 2011.
Video from onboard camera from Stratospherium I - 2011.

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