07 iunie 2020

ICOM IC-7100 Headless test

After carefully reading the whole user manual (lol...) I came out to an interesting MENU setting. FUNCTION>POWER OFF(With No Controller) and give it a try.
Here is a small video.

I am not particular happy with my voice so the video is self explanatory.
I don't have my laboratory tools here on my second QTH but I thing I can investigate a little the serial comm with the Controller to see if it is possible to send it through the Ethernet

73 de YO3HJV

For my reference:

03 iunie 2020

Driving one-coil latch relay without H-Bridge

The figure below shows a simple circuit using the MC9S08QE128 microcontroller from Freescale to drive a Finder single-coil latching relay with a standard ULN2003 Darlington driver with open-drain outputs and inductive-kickback protection. Clamping diodes on each ULN2003 output pin catch high-voltage transients that occur when you interrupt the coil current. Because demagnetization uses low-value resistors, you must wire at least two open-drain buffers of the ULN2003 to both endings of the relay coil to ensure enough current when the microcontroller pulls down.
To simpify the schematic, one common reset rail can be used to all relays. The work sequence will be:
    Rel1 ON
      Rel1 & Rel2 ON
        Rel1 & Rel3 ON
... and so on.

02 iunie 2020

External ATU

Just a random thought. 
Often I see people using relatively tunable antennas with their radios and, from no reason (at least, not a technical justified one), they put external tuners after radios that already have internal ATU's. 
Worst, that tuners have (most of them) coaxial output. 
By doing that, they spend the money somehow useless, bypassing the protections that engineers put on the radios. 
At least, if you put an external tuner, get one that can feed the antenna and not the coaxial cable + antenna. You will be pleased with the results! For the coax+antenna, use the internal tuner and if that tuner can't handle the mismatch, try to fix the antenna instead.

That was removed from FB IC-7300 group as being ”offensive”.

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