17 iulie 2007

Yaesu FT-530 - Best portable dualbander ever!

@ 2022

Yaesu did a great job with this dual band HT! Among the "bells and whistles", the front end of the radio is amazing. I use this radio with his original antena and with various external antennas. No intermod despite my QTH which is in the center of a big noisy (RF) city (Bucharest).
I have one single complain: It's bulky and heavy.
I sold this radio 4 or 5 of years ago and I still missing! The reason was stupid: No memory labelling (+ only 82 memory slots). Now, as I test a lot of radios, i found the reason to be very stupid... But, that's life!


The Yaesu FT-530 2M/440 HT has many first-time features such as: the LCD display and translucent keypad have selectable back-lighting modes and provide dual frequency readouts and indicators for most programmable functions. Flexible, in-band dual receive lets you listen to two, 2 meter signals at the same time. Other standard features include: Auto On-timer with 24 hour clock, 82 memories, VOX, DTMF paging and extended receive (2M 130-174 MHz). The innovative Automatic Tone Search displays the incoming CTCSS frequency. Two VFOs are supplied for each band. Four transmit power levels are provided (up to 5W with optional battery).

  • 82 Memories
  • 12 VDC Direct In
  • DTMF Keypad
  • DTMF Auto Dialer
  • Scanning
  • Backlit Keypad
  • VOX
  • Auto Tone Search
  • Power Saver
  • Cross Band Repeat
A very useful option is the MH-29A2B microphone with remote control. Also, this remote mic is special because has a small LCD screen.

A must have radio! I am looking to have one, again!

This radio is on the first place for dual band portables.


15 iulie 2007


Here are some of my received E-QSL's.
I hope that E-qsl will grow! Is very nice to change instantly the QSL cards!

12 iulie 2007

YO3HJV: Isola D'Elba activation - IOTA: EU-028

The Elba vacation has finished... Now I am in Firenze but no unpacking the radio... The hotel policy do not allowed radio operation from room.
This evening i will be in Bologna in order to catch the fly to Bucharest tomorrow morning.
I will post my consideration from Elba operations here on a separate post.
Also, on fotografiamea.blogspot.com I will post some of the most beautiful pictures i take in this vacation.


Between 21st of July to 27th of July, I will be on vacation on Elba Island (IOTA EU-028).
Lat:42:49:33N (42.82596)
Lon:10:23:24E (10.38987)

I will work on SSB on 7.060 Mhz, 14.260, 18.128, 21.260, 24.950, 28.460 and 28.560 MHz and 50.110Mhz , under the callsign:


The rig :

-FT857D transceiver;

-Alinco DM-330MVE power supply for full 100W output;

-Horizontal wire dipole for NVIS on 40m and multiband;

-LDG Z-100 Automatic antenna tuner;

-IBM Thinkpad X40 for logbook.

The QSO's will count for IOTA Awards and DCI Awards.

To confirm a QSO, I will use e-qsl service and a special printed QSL Card.

I will also confirm SWL reports via Bureau.

I don't know yet if the QSL card will be sent direct or via Bureau. TBAL.

I don't know if I will have a reliable internet connection but If so, the e-qsl will be sent instantly direct from HRD Logbook.

I will try to setup the antenna for NVIS operation on 40m band in order to give a chance for close european stations to have a QSO with me.

You can ask for sked here, by a short comment. I will try to make the qso's according to this sked askings.

Remember that I am in holiday so... don't be angry if I skip a sked! Please...

You can find more informations of IOTA Program and EU-028 here.

More information about Elba Island, here.

73's de yo3hjv

Later edit:

YO info: The UTC is LT-3hrs.


-2 UTC: 7Mhz;

-6 UTC: 14Mhz;

-8 UTC: 21Mhz,18Mhz, 14Mhz, 7Mhz;

-9 UTC: 14Mhz, 18Mhz, 28Mhz;

-18 UTC: 3.5Mhz;

-19 UTC: 18Mhz, 7Mhz, 3.5Mhz, 21Mhz;

-21 UTC: 14Mhz, 7Mhz, 18Mhz;

-23 UTC: 7Mhz, 14Mhz.

I will operate the frequencies in order as shown above.

The sked is based on the prediction made by VOAPROP. Further changes may occur according to the real conditions.

I believe I will have some problems with the custom... After some phone calls to local custom authorities, I was informed that will be no custom control at departure and at arrival but the guys from antitero will have the final word about my equipments... Hope to get through...

11 iulie 2007

Kenwood TH-F7E

This is the european version of the TH-F6 tribander (USA).
The F7 have capabilities for transmitting only on 2 m band and 70 cm band (the USA version can transmit on 1.25 m band).
Is a robust radio despite it's dimensions.
I like the loud volume but I don't like the PTT press button... Feels cheap plastic thing! Bad, bad, bad.
Another annoying thing is the APO function... It's like the entire engineering board from Kenwood suffered a subit brain attack and the APO was left to be done by some genitor! The APO stops the radio only if two conditions occur:
a. The radio keys are not touched in the preset time range, and
b. no signal is received in the preset time range.
This is real STUPID! Everytime I left the radio on FM broadcast station and I go to sleep, when I wake up I found the radio working, of course! This makes me mad because I like to always have my main portable radio with a charged battery...
This post will be further edited to become a complete review... later...

Great Service support in USA!

Service manuals here.

About me

I was born a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Nope, just kiddin' !
I was born in Bucharest, in 1971. Just a day before 4th of July! If my parents was a little bit patient, maybe I was an American citizen, of course, if the born date has some importance in this!
I am licensed since 2004 as YO3HJV but I was interested in radiocomunications since I was 14 y.old.

Happy with my shack

I am happy because I finally stop the chaos on my desk! After 2 months of thinking, I manage to finish the project of a custom-made cabinet that will be very integrated in the living room, offering for guests a benign view!
From a lateral, the same furniture become a nice radio shack!
Look at the pictures:

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