27 martie 2024

VFO Encoder selection for Xiegu G90

 From time to time someone start searching for part number of the VFO encoder.

Here is a selection of part numbers for encoders without detent (no clicks).

As a personal observation, with more than 18 pulses per revolution it is a pain to use a no detents encoder...

For no detent encoders:


PEC11R-4020K-S0018 with knurled shaft, 20mm lenght, no detents, momentary switch and 18 pulses per revolution.

PEC1R-4025F-S0018 with flatted shaft. From ALPS, EC11E, 20mm long flatted shaft (only) momentary switch.



From ALPS: 

EC11E153440D with 15 pulses per revolution.

EC11E18344Oc with 18 pulses per revolution.


For both producers I reccoment study their product selection datasheets which can be downloaded as pdf clicking on their names.


I usually like to have longer shafts and cut them to my needs so, if you want a shorter one, just check the datasheets for the part number. 

Both are producing compatible encoders for VFO, VOL and FUNCTION. 


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