13 iunie 2016

Setting up IC-7300 and Winlink Winmor TNC

By Adrian YO3HJV

1.     Download  and install USB driver from ICOM Japan https://www.icom.co.jp/world/support/download/firm/IC-7600/usb1_20/

2.     Go to the radio. Press “MENU”.

On the next screen, press on screen “SET”

Select with MULTI “CONNECTORS”. Press MULTI. You will be now in the Connectors Menu.

Check the following settings:

             ACC/USB Output Select – AF
… Leave other settings default. Go down with MULTI.
            DATA MOD – USB
            USB Serial Function – CI-V
            USB Send – RTS

Leave the SET Menu by pressing “EXIT” untill the normal screen is shown.

3.     Connect the IC-7300 to the PC via USB cable.
The driver  will be automatically installed.

If you click on the USB icon, you will see the progress for the USB Audio CODEC.
A few words about: The radio itself has a USB hub on wich a USB<>COM port and a USB Generic audio board are connected. When you connect the radio to the PC, the drivers will be installed.
The COM port driver is delivered by the ICOM and the Audio board  driver is contained in a Windows update.
It will take some time to install the generic USB Audio driver but be patience.
Also a driver for the USB Hub will be automatically installed.

4.     Go on PC “DEVICE MANAGER” and check for the COM port and the USB Audio board.

On my PC, the USB<>COM is identified  as “COM7”.
 Remember this because will be essential on setting the WINLINK later.

Check the USB Audio board.

5.     Download and install the RMS Client Software

6.     Follow the instructions for RMS setup.

Here is an excellent explanation of the Winlink system. Please read it to familiarise with the system:

Here is a tutorial for TELNET RMS Express setup http://www.la3f.no/faste/digi/winlink/ExpressTutorial1130a.pdf

Remember that WINMOR is the MODEM (Lower layer) for the RMS (upper layer).

7.     Setup WINMOR to work with ICOM IC-7300

Select “Winmor Winlink”  and then “Open Session”.

Two more windows will open. One is the “Winmor Sound Card TNC”  and the second one is the “Winmor Winlink session” .

On the second one, click “WINMOR TNC Setup”.

Search on the combo box for some USB Codec and select it for Capture device (input to PC) and Playback Device (Output to Radio).

Select “UPDATE”, the Winmor Winlink will restart briefly.

Then, select  “Radio Setup”.

Now, make the setup just like in the picture below:

Each  ICOM radio has a default CI-V address (ICOM Address). In my particular case, the address is 80 but yours might be 90 (The address is in HEX format!).

Click “UPDATE” and that’s all!

If, for some reason the radio seems to be unresponsive, just restart it without disconnecting the USB cable.

73 de Adrian

June 2016

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