YOFF HF Mobile activation

Well, tomorrow morning (April 18th)  I will be enroute to Petrimanu, a remote place in Parang Mountains, near Voineasa.
I will be there until April 21st.
I will be there with Sorin YO3DLW and Bob YO8RNI.
According to INMH, the weather condition will be bad, with a lot of rain, fog and low temperature.
We will try to work from mobile in YOFF-420 (LOTARITA) and YOFF-006 (COZIA), both in Natural Protected Areas .
I will use my ICOM IC-7000 with CODAN 9360 Autotune antenna and, if conditions will permit, an AH-4 ATU with a dipole.

Tomorrow  I will try to be active on the road from mobile on this frequencies:

3791.0 kHz
7185.5 kHz
14342.5 kHz
18157.5 kHz
21437.5 kHz
24977.5 kHz
28327.5 kHz

73 de Adrian, yo3hjv

CODAN 9350 console for Nissan X-Trail

So, yesterday was my "sunny day" when I finally receive the custom-made console for my CODAN 9350/9360 antenna.
The assembly is made from a fixed steel plate and a elevated arm on which the antenna is affixed.
It's made from 5mm thick steel and it fixes onto the original rear trail hook. A few solder points and it's capable to support around 100 kg's!

Fixed plate:
 Final look:

First QSO with Codan-ICOM setup

Yesterday I (finally) received the Codan 9350 support plate. It's a little steel square able to keep the antenna vertical to work from portable setup.

Maybe you know that in this winter I made a cable adapter to connect Codan 9350 to Icom IC-7000 as a first step to a more complex mobile setup.
Well,  the first QSo was made!
The "winner" is UR4IO, Victor from Ukraine with a solid 9+ signal onto my Icom IC-7K in 18 MHz band at 16:15 LT.
My signal was (as reported) nice and strong, a "59" one!
I was so eager to make the first call that I forgot to record it!
But I manage to film this:

As you can see, the antenna is erected in my balcony and without counterpoise. I think it did a nice job in these conditions!

Now I am confident that I can use this setup in portable operations like YOFF, Romanian Fauna and Flora Programm or just fun from mobile. For that I have to complete my car workout...

73 de YO3HJV

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