20 decembrie 2020

HiRes pictures from the XIEGU G90 transceiver

 Here are some pictures of the PCBs in the Xiegu G90 transceiver.

The Main unit.

        Control board.

PA RF Board

Reverse voltage protection detail

NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient resistor) problem
There is a serious gap between the NTC which compensate the bias for the temperature increase and the PA RF transistor case. This is one potential cause for premature failure in the final stage especially in TX intensive modes like FT8.
The solution is to gently bent the pins of the NTC to make physicall contact between them and apply a small blob of thermal silicone GLUE, not usual paste.
This will prevent a future gap due to vibrations or shocks and will increase the mutual temperature transfer thus an adequate bias voltage. 



Schematic (work in progress)

-I removed the schematic as I found error in the AIC3204 area and I must redraw it. I will find a way to have it updated.

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