23 septembrie 2011

2E0BLF and South Yorkshire Repeater Group steal money just like a thief!

Yes! Is a thief! He and South Yorkshire Repeater Group.
How can you name one who takes your money for a radio gear and sends nothing?
"Thief", "cheater", "con".
Well, this is Andrew "Andy" Spaxman, 2E0BLF, ex: M2UXC, who lives in 12 Stanhope Gardens, Barnsley S752QB, England (or UK ).
Shame on you Mr. Andy "Thief" Spaxman!

How it's "operates"?
He is web-admin at this site: http://www.southyorkshirerepeatergroup.co.uk/shop/
He had a TH-79 for spares to sell. The price was nice, around 50 UK Pound. I wrote a e-mail asking him if he can send the radio to Romania. His answer was "OK" and he said that the shipping will be 25 UKP, so I sent the money via PayPal!
A long time I get no answer from him to my regards about the expedition of the radio...
When I threat him with a complain to local police, he reacted and told me that he will send the money back.
After that, a looong silence but no radio nor money, of course!
So, instead of making that complain, I decided to publish everywhere I can this story! It is now more than a year...

Mr. Andy "Thief" Spaxman has a gang! Yeah, he need a team to steal!
What team? This one:

South Yorkshire Repeater Group

Why I said that? Because the money was sent to that gang and nobody seems to care about! I was trying to contact someone from that "gang" to complain but all the email was censored, I believe!
Also, beware of the other side of Mr. "Thief" Spaxman!
He is the registrant and, of course, web-admin of the www.hostyorkshire.com:

Created Date: 06-Jun-2003
Expiry Date: 06-Jun-2012
Nameserver: ns2.speedydns.net
Nameserver: ns1.speedydns.net
Registrant Name: Andrew Spaxman
Registrant Company: Host Yorkshire
Registrant Address: 12 Stanhope Gardens
Registrant Address: Off Queens Drive
Registrant Address:
Registrant Address: Barnsley
Registrant Address: South Yorkshire
Registrant Address: S75 2QB
Registrant Address: United Kingdom
Technical Name: Andrew Spaxman
Technical Company: Host Yorkshire
Technical Address: 12 Stanhope Gardens
Technical Address: Off Queens Drive
Technical Address:
Technical Address: Barnsley
Technical Address: South Yorkshire
Technical Address: S75 2QB
Technical Address: United Kingdom
Technical Email: hostmaster@hostyorkshire.com

Maybe I will call him in the middle of the night! Who knows?!? :-)))

21 septembrie 2011

Path loss calculator

Everyone knows how hard it is to read books and to apply formulas. No problem! Now you can put the known data (Tx power, Rx sensitivity, antenna height and distance) into a spreadsheet and read the results!
A quick method to check a LOS (Line Of Sight) condition for a radio communication between 1 Mhz and 3 Ghz.
Also, you can find some usefull transformations between Watt and dbm or uV to dbm etc.
The link points to our club's home page.
And, of course, the spreadsheet is in english, so there will be no problem with it!

Click on the picture and enjoy!

Any suggestions are welcome!

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