24 aprilie 2014

To all the ham...

To all the ham operators who visited my web-page, 73 from Romania and hope to hear you in the band!

23 aprilie 2014

1:1 UnUn, Choke BalUn

A few days ago I noticed that, while trying to work on 40m from mobile, my Icom IC-7000 suddenly stops, powering off.
So, investigating the trouble I put a (very) Ugly Balun at the output of the radio.
The problems went off so I planed to make some sort of Choke balun.
This broadband transformer is a 1:1 and block the current mode current.
Here it is the making off:

The main reason for making it with two RF connectors is that the choke is used in mobile installation and after it there is a small lenght of coaxial cable.
 73 de YO3HJV

21 aprilie 2014


Well, I'm back in Bucharest from a long and exciting trip in Cheile Latoritei at Petrimanu Lake. Very nice!
Heavy road, a lot of rain and, of course, some snow. The rain almost destroyed the road so we had to use two chainsaws to make the road available...
The CODAN 9350 didn't performed as I was expect. Impossible to use it under 10 MHz but over worked as a charm. I have to think to a longer whip. Maybe one from a CB antenna with some sort of adapter.
We (YO3HJV and YO8RNI) used a improvised long wire to work from YOFF-420. I have a lot of paper-log to put into the PC so, please, be patience, I will do it in the next weeks...
As for today... Guess what? It was a sunny day with over 20 Celsius!

 I painted two orange strips on the CODAN 9350 antenna just for the other on the road. It's more visible and the lights make it visible into the deepest dark also.

73 de YO3HJV

17 aprilie 2014

YOFF HF Mobile activation

Well, tomorrow morning (April 18th)  I will be enroute to Petrimanu, a remote place in Parang Mountains, near Voineasa.
I will be there until April 21st.
I will be there with Sorin YO3DLW and Bob YO8RNI.
According to INMH, the weather condition will be bad, with a lot of rain, fog and low temperature.
We will try to work from mobile in YOFF-420 (LOTARITA) and YOFF-006 (COZIA), both in Natural Protected Areas .
I will use my ICOM IC-7000 with CODAN 9360 Autotune antenna and, if conditions will permit, an AH-4 ATU with a dipole.

Tomorrow  I will try to be active on the road from mobile on this frequencies:

3791.0 kHz
7185.5 kHz
14342.5 kHz
18157.5 kHz
21437.5 kHz
24977.5 kHz
28327.5 kHz

73 de Adrian, yo3hjv

10 aprilie 2014

CODAN 9350 console for Nissan X-Trail

So, yesterday was my "sunny day" when I finally receive the custom-made console for my CODAN 9350/9360 antenna.
The assembly is made from a fixed steel plate and a elevated arm on which the antenna is affixed.
It's made from 5mm thick steel and it fixes onto the original rear trail hook. A few solder points and it's capable to support around 100 kg's!

Fixed plate:
 Final look:

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