18 octombrie 2015

UVB-76 on a new frequency?

This afternoon, when scanning (as usual) for Middle East activity which take action in the 5-12 MHz, I received a very familiar sound on 6.998 kHz.
That's right, it's "The Buzzer", or "UVB-76" or "MDZhB".
A quick check on Utility DX Forum confirmed that the sound belongs to The Buzzer and, most important, I am not the only one who received it!
As the tensions in the Middle East escalates, maybe it is useful to monitor the frequency as it is associated with a military network in the former USSR, now CIS/Russia.
I recommend to use a very sharp 2 kHz filter because the frequency is just near the 40m Amateur radio band so it is probable to hear some CW from above.

This is the "Original" UVB-76":

The "New" UVB-76:

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