27 ianuarie 2015

Hytera PD785G follow up

A few weeks ago I wrote about Hytera PD-785G as I seen it and used it.
Today I have to make a follow up about things that I disliked before, things that are now history due to the recent |firmware update. The FW I made is to rev. 6.05, the latest one, a firmware update that solved a lot of problems.
The first one is that now we can scan on the same list both digital and analog channels. This is great news because I missed the analog comms when scanning DMR channels, which are my favorites.
The second is the extended FPP, a.k.a. Front Panel Programming. First time, with the rev.5.01, one can set only the receiving and the transmitting frequencies. The CTCSS, Colour code and other settings simply couldn't be done via front panel.
Now, on the analog channels, the user can programm the Rx CTCSS and the Tx CTCSS, separately.
On the digital channels, can be programmed: Slot, Colour code, TX contact and Rx Group list. This means that some settings are to be done via PC CPS but, hey, is a great improvement for real life use of the radio!
Also, some bugs was solved. Before, it was a problem to set on a key two functions (ex: Alarm enable for short press and Alarm off for long press) but now that problem is solved.
It's impressive!

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