04 martie 2011

MuF and F0F2 for Europe

A new page for HF propagation status in real time due to LinkDIAS Ionosondes project!
You can find the latest results in a friendly graphical format on YO3KSR webpage.

You can find here F0F2 for the entire Europe. (If the picture seems to be empty of informations, must be between data update from DIAS servers so, please use REFRESH button on your browser!)
And the MuF (Maximum Usable Frequency) from European ionosondes.

Some new addition on the YO3KSR website:
-Space Weather;
-Magnetosphere status;
-TEC Ionisation.

Please use the Refresh Page button ( F5 ) on that pages!

2 comentarii:

Fred F4EED spunea...


the two last link dont works ...

Fred F4EED

Adrian spunea...

Thanks for passing by! I made the necessary adjustments!
73 de YO3HJV

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