23 septembrie 2011

2E0BLF and South Yorkshire Repeater Group steal money just like a thief!

Yes! Is a thief! He and South Yorkshire Repeater Group.
How can you name one who takes your money for a radio gear and sends nothing?
"Thief", "cheater", "con".
Well, this is Andrew "Andy" Spaxman, 2E0BLF, ex: M2UXC, who lives in 12 Stanhope Gardens, Barnsley S752QB, England (or UK ).
Shame on you Mr. Andy "Thief" Spaxman!

How it's "operates"?
He is web-admin at this site:
He had a TH-79 for spares to sell. The price was nice, around 50 UK Pound. I wrote a e-mail asking him if he can send the radio to Romania. His answer was "OK" and he said that the shipping will be 25 UKP, so I sent the money via PayPal!
A long time I get no answer from him to my regards about the expedition of the radio...
When I threat him with a complain to local police, he reacted and told me that he will send the money back.
After that, a looong silence but no radio nor money, of course!
So, instead of making that complain, I decided to publish everywhere I can this story! It is now more than a year...

Mr. Andy "Thief" Spaxman has a gang! Yeah, he need a team to steal!
What team? This one:

South Yorkshire Repeater Group

Why I said that? Because the money was sent to that gang and nobody seems to care about! I was trying to contact someone from that "gang" to complain but all the email was censored, I believe!
Also, beware of the other side of Mr. "Thief" Spaxman!
He is the registrant and, of course, web-admin of the

Created Date: 06-Jun-2003
Expiry Date: 06-Jun-2012
Registrant Name: Andrew Spaxman
Registrant Company: Host Yorkshire
Registrant Address: 12 Stanhope Gardens
Registrant Address: Off Queens Drive
Registrant Address:
Registrant Address: Barnsley
Registrant Address: South Yorkshire
Registrant Address: S75 2QB
Registrant Address: United Kingdom
Technical Name: Andrew Spaxman
Technical Company: Host Yorkshire
Technical Address: 12 Stanhope Gardens
Technical Address: Off Queens Drive
Technical Address:
Technical Address: Barnsley
Technical Address: South Yorkshire
Technical Address: S75 2QB
Technical Address: United Kingdom
Technical Email:

Maybe I will call him in the middle of the night! Who knows?!? :-)))

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