27 decembrie 2011

CODAN 9360

Today I get my Codan 9360...
I dreamed a lot at this radio, for the last 3 years, seems to be impossible to get one!
So, this is my X-Mas gift from my wife :-) Nice!

This unit is full 2-30 MHz TX capable, with front keypad programming mode.
This is somehow complicated because there are only 12 controls (10 keys and two opto) and the menu is very, very complicated!
Not only this, but the engineering is weird for a ham!
I think I will need the programming software to put the frequencies into the Eprom and also make ALE to work with HF-ALE ham radio network.

This is a small video I made when I was in QSO with YO2LGX and YO2LEO.
73 d YO3HJV

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