28 ianuarie 2012

LED Voltmeter (for portable QRP ops)

As the summer is already here (HI), I plan to spend some time on YOFF and SOTA-YO so I prepare my portable backpack.
A portable and compact voltmeter is often nedeed but the usual multimeters are bulky, impractical and heavy (for portable use).
Therefore, I made a little voltmeter, which shows the SLA battery voltage via a blinking LED.
I made it around a PIC 16F876A microcontroller using the embedded ADC.
All can be made on a perfoboard as a Do It Yourself (DiY) Project for a raini afternoon.

Here is the schematic diagram (CLICK to enlarge):

The LED shows the following voltages;

Ind. Volt Collour
LED 1 < 11 V Bright RED
LED 2 11 V - 12 V RED
LED 3 12 V - 12,4 V YELLOW
LED 4 12,4 V - 12,6 V GREEN
LED 5 12,6 V - 13 V GREEN
LED 6 13 V - 13,3 V GREEN
LED 7 13,3 V - 13,8 V YELLOW
LED 8 >13,8 V Bright RED

Al the nedeed files are .rar archived and available for download HERE.

Here is a little movie with the voltmeter:

If you found this usefull, please drop a line!

73 de YO3HJV

A explanatory article was published into the QRP Quarterly (Spring 2012) 
-Page 1
-Page 2 

Here is another link to download QRP Quarterly with SLA PIC Voltmeter.

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