23 martie 2013

Motorola TRBO DP 4801 is here!

      Finally, the new "toy" has arrived in my shack (pocket???) and is amazing!
      It;s little, it's powerfull, with a sensitive front end receiver and a loud and clear audio.
       It is not my intention to make a review here but I am happy that Motorola finally made a radio that fits in the pocket with a very good looking appearance.
        If you watch it carefully, you will see a resemblance with Motorola Saber (which was a Storno design, by the way!).
        As we plan to develop the DMR network in the South of Romania, I bet you will see a lot of these (or DP3601) in the use of Ham's around.
        The high range of the features of TRBO-DMR networks will made the future of Ham Radio to look a little like GSM networks with the possibility to select the correspondent for a QSO from local groups, national or even international (within MARC-DMR net).

The world in a pocket!

73 de Adrian, YO3HJV

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