10 martie 2013

MotoTRBO on Bucharest UHF Repeater B1

Yeap! The first DMR repeater exclusive for Ham Radio use is in service in Bucharest!
it works on the former B1UHF Analog frequency pair (438.775 MHz / 431.175 MHz) in Dynamic Mixed Mode which permits the use of both DMR (TDMA Digital Voice) AND analog FM for backward compatibility with older radios.

The repeater is a brand new Motorola DR3000 with 30 W output power. We still use the old Proccomm filter.

For analog FM voice operation, the Echolink node YO3KSR-R is still available.
In Digital Voice, are available 2 TimeSlots for Digital Voice users.
The tests are encouraging and the quality of digital voice is astonishing!
The future plans are to migrate on full DMR and to use TS1 for MARC-DMR network and TS2 for a YO wide area UHF repeater network.

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