26 mai 2014

COM Port Setup - Quick tutorial

A few years ago, I publish a cable diagram for Kenwood TH D7, the little APRS dual band radio.I received some questions about the next step in conecting the radio to a PC, the COM Port setup.
So, I did a little video tutorial for this.
The most tricky part is to have a low COM Port number in order to connect to the PC. Most of the software in the market (or available to the Ham community) ask for a low COM number (COM1 to COM9) some of them only to COM6 so, after some time of computer use with a lot of USB devices, the DEVICE MANAGER (XP) will add ports and is common to have a COM25 or COM34 listed instead a convenient COM2 or COM4.
So, a little trick is necessary and this is my video about.

 You have to ignore the warnings about the malfunction when changing the COM number but you have to remember that the COM assignement is linked to the USB in which the COM2USB is plugged. So, you will have to repeat the setup for all the USB ports in which you put the adapter.

If you have questions, please leave a comment.

73 de Adrian

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