18 iulie 2014

Digital Multimeters

I wrote about receiving the VC-1008, the new multimeter in my shack.
Well, I told you that I have a very old DMM, a Voltcraft VC98 with 3 and 1/2 digits.
I bought it from my first wage, back in 1995 and was around 200 USD at that time. A lot of money!
I never succeded in my trial to make him communicate with my PC via IR...
It has no autorange, the selector is a pain in the a&*^&* but it works! Yes, it works perfect and even has a bargraph wich is very nice. It's a backup DMM in my shack.

The other one is also a Voltcraft, a VC-960, top of the DMM in 2011 if I remember right... Have some issues with it but manage to make it back in service. At least at 90% (still have some problems with AC current measurements).

Here are some pictures:

The VC-98 near the VC-960:

Voltcraft VC-960:
 Voltcraft VC-98:

 Schematic diagram of the Voltcraft VC-960:

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