10 iulie 2014

A new multimeter in the shack.

Since 1996 I am a fan of Voltcraft multimeters. The first one was a VC98. It still work altough is heavy modified to overpass the years. It is not very precise and has a little problem with the rotary selector but still in service.

The second one is younger but I managed to fry it a little. It is a VC 960. I love it, especially for the 200 Mhz f-meter and the 5 digit measurement capability. Not in production anymore and I couldn't find one from a good seller.

So, I ordered from Conrad a VC1008. 

First impression is positive. It already has the external power connector and it works with 4 AA batteries that can be rechargeable ones.

The case feels a little cheaper than the VC960 and the max. freq. is only 8 MHz.

Another positive is that the optical USB interface and the software are included. For the VC960 I had to purchase the optional interface.

I found the schematic for my VC960 and I will try to make it work again.
Happy Birthday to Me!
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