24 aprilie 2015

RYRYRY VY QRP test beacon de YO3HJV

This night I finished my small RTTY Beacon based on an Arduino Uno and a AD-9850 DDS.
The tuning frequency is 14.088 kHz, USB.
RTTY is sent with 170 Hz shift and 45.5 Baud.
The RF power is around 170mW from a small MSA-0886 amplifier.
The antena is a Hustler 4BTV vertical.

The message is:

RYRYRY VY QRP rtty test beacon de YO3HJV de YO3HJV de YO3HJV QTH LOC KN25UC KN25UC KN25UC. PSE SWL REPORT TO yo3hjv AT wait 10 seconds sk

I am playing around with bites to implement the Carriage return and Line feed.

Please send SWL report to my e-mail adress or comment on this post.

TNX de YO3HJV and SRY 4 QRM.

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