11 aprilie 2015


Well, from time to time i like to take a swap to entire HF range to see what is new.
The reporting system used is:
Frequency <> MODE<> Quality<>Signal Strenght<> Observation
This evening, at 21:00 LT, 18:00 UTC:

5.403,5 kHz USB 2-3 S4-S7 QRM  G3WGG
5.372 kHz CW 5 S8-S9                 GM4KGK DE G4LNA 
5.380 kHz USB 5 S9 QSB             Swedish hams but unidentified. No phonetic alphabet heard but some "QSL, QSL"...
6.530 - 6.560 kHz LSB 5 S5-9      Some Italian pirates
8.744 kHz USB 4 S1                     Bangkok Maritime service with weather bulletin (automatic voice)
8.819 kHz USB 5 S9+20               Taskent Meteo (VOLMET) with meteo (clearly the lady was reading)
9.280 kHz AM 5 S9+20                Egypt Radio - someone pluged the connector from the transmitter because there was only hum there.
10.000 kHz, USB 5 S7 QSB           ITALCABLE musical hour signal.
10.450 - 1070 USB                         same Russian pirates...

12.842 kHz CW 5 S8 QSB              CQ de HLO, Korean Maritime Beacon

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