21 ianuarie 2016

YAESU FT-2D Firmware Update

New update for Yaesu FT-2D on January 20, 2016!

Yaesu Musen  announced a new firmware update for the FT-2D radio. 

  According to the company,  "C4FM corresponding to the digital narrow,"  "further optimize the C4FM digital demodulation control under conditions reception is severe, such as weak electric field and multi-path", that a number of improvements have been achieved.
Shipped in 2015 the end of May to start a C4FM digital mode compatible handy machine · FT2D is, was a major update of recently's first firmware. Its contents are as follows.

★ new firmware of FT2D published on January 20:
· FT2D for the main firmware main firmware Ver.1.04 FT2D_MAIN_ver104 (JPN) .zip
For · FT2D sub firmware sub firmware Ver.1.01 FT2D_SUB_ver101 (JPN) .zip
· FT2D for DSP firmware DSP firmware Ver.4.12
Major changes:
(1) it has been done to optimize the backlight and the lighting timer setting.
It was made possible display the distance between the (2) C4FM partner station of digital and APRS communication up to 20,000km.
(3) receive, such as a weak electric field and multi-path condition was further optimize the C4FM digital demodulation control under severe conditions.
(4) we now support C4FM digital narrow.
(5) Other, we gave a functional improvement and optimization.
In addition, the update of firmware, use the USB cable that came with FT2D. Before connecting the radio to the computer, read the manual updates, it is necessary to install the software and drivers required for the personal computer.
When performing the update work that confirm the steps in the pre-manuals. Download from the following related links.




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