20 martie 2017

Kenwood AT-300 ATU to ICOM Radio - II

In a previous post I wrote about a devil plan to connect a Kenwood AT-300 Automatic antenna tuner to an ICOM 7300 radio.

Here is the connection diagram (again, by hand) and the final iteration of the code.

// This is a simple sketch to controll a Kenwood AT-300
// from an ICOM radio.
// Compatible with: IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-7200, IC-7300, IC-706, IC-703

/* See the schematic on

// This program is beer-ware (buy me a beer when you see me) and i will //appreciate
// March 2017, Adrian YO3HJV, rev 7.0

// Define input and output


  int KEY = 10;
  int START = 2;    // for ISR


  int TS = 11;
  int TT = 12;

// LED indicators for debugging

  int GREEN = 6;
  int YELL = 4;

// SOME VARIABLES for future development
  int Istart = 0;    // check if TUNE is issued by the ICOM radio. StandBy at 5V, goes LOW
  int Ktt = 0;       // check if Tuner Start is issued by the Kenwood ATU. StandBy at 5V, goes LOW
  unsigned long duration;  

void setup()
    pinMode(GREEN, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite (GREEN, HIGH);
    pinMode(YELL, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite (YELL, HIGH);

    pinMode(KEY, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite (KEY, HIGH);

    pinMode(TT, INPUT_PULLUP);
    pinMode(TS, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite (TS, HIGH);  

void loop(){  
     if (digitalRead(START) == LOW)  {
             Tune();          // Execute external function TUNE
             delay (500);
             StandBy ();      // Execute external function StandBy     

   void Tune () { 
     do {
         digitalWrite (YELL, LOW); // Light LED
         digitalWrite (TS, LOW);   // init ATU
         delay(150);               // wait for ATU uC to reset
         digitalWrite (KEY, LOW);  // start Tx RF 
         delay(300);               // keep Tx RF for at least 300 msec 
          while (digitalRead(TT) == LOW) ;  // TUNE untill TT is HIGH again

   void StandBy () {
            digitalWrite(KEY, HIGH);
            digitalWrite (TS, HIGH);
            digitalWrite (YELL, HIGH); // Shut down LED

Later edit:

This is the final look after some work on a test PCB. I let the USB port accesible for future development:

2 comentarii:

Leon Kogan spunea...

Dear Dan, I am going to build this great project to connect mt Kenwood AT50 to my IC703! Just need to know how to upload this program into the arduino. It is not written in the Arduino language . Many thanks for your help ! Leon on4lkc

Adrian (YO3HJV) spunea...

Hi Leon,

It's written in C for Arduino IDE so it is full compatible!

73 de Adrian

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