10 mai 2020

HF Arduino Beacon project

I plan to make an Arduino CW beacon.

This are the features I was thinking of:
 -Connected to ICOM IC-7100 via CI-V serial interface;
 -Can send Baro, temperature and humidity;
 -Send at regular time intervals;
 -Send in several frequencies;
 -Send at various power levels.

Will be based on a Atmega 328 uC and will have a DS3231 RTC and BME-280 sensor for meteo info.

DS3231 was chosen for RTC because it have a very precise, thermo-compensated oscillator and keeps time very accurate. Also the local temperature is available for processing it.
BME-280 is a high precision array of sensor measuring relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure.

It will operate from my second location in KN25UC, abt. 6 km West form Campina and 90 km N from Bucharest.
I am using a Hustler 4 BTV vertical multiband placed directly on the ground and one of my ICOM radios.

If you have suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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