23 iulie 2020

Hamradio is for gentlemen

I was working on a HM radio late at night and I was listening to 20m band as it was a pretty good propagation.
At 14.194 kHz, ER4DX was calling for South America DX.
At one time, an Italian station had answer to his call but Mr. Vasile expedite the Italian very quick with "no Europe, only South America, DX only" and continues to call.
After a minute, a station from Maroc answers and Mr. Vasile, ER4DX started a pretty nice QSO. Then some SA stations and after a while, a Romanian one.

Well, in my opinion, the way he refused the call from Italian station was RUDE. Hamradio is about friendship, it's about human to human connection in a weird World of selfish people...
Maybe that Italian ham needed a new country in his log!
Maybe it was someone in distress. Maybe who knows, he just wanted to test his station!

A real ham will not refuse to answer to a call from a station... Any station! This is real HAMRADIO!
If you are hunting a continent it's OK to call that way and to specify it but, if a station from other part of a World calling you worth answering! it will not take more than a few seconds to answer and TO EXPLAIN that, you are calling for specific part of the world while there is a path in the propagation!
The QSO with Maroc and Romania (and right now, just while I am writing, a Polish station) will not take an eternity but for that Ham may be important!

So, fellow hams, please, dont be rude and reject answers from other countries while you are hunting for specific calls!

You will be remembered as REAL HAMS, last gentlemen in this World!

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PE4BAS, Bas spunea...

I absolutely agree. I did run in a similair situation a few times when I just became a HAM. That station from Italia could be a new ham that never had a QSO with Armenia before. How much time does it take to give a report so the QSO is valid. It doen't take ages. Thank you for writing, hopefully another will learn from a gentleman. 73, Bas

YO3HJV, Adrian spunea...

OM should be an example for new operators and event they are not new, you can stop the "hunt" to answer to a call. I never was a "band policeman" and I did called several times on fellow hams who were call specific areas because at that moment they were the only signals in a dead band. I understood that they do not want a chitchat and I "released" the frequency fast. Sometime I called with "de YO3HJV for just a report". Even so, there was some who actively refused to give that report... Fortunately, those who answered are in majority and saved the day 😁. There is no real reason other than rudeness to say "only ..." instead of a report and a short explanation of why you are exchanging just a short report. We are just a few in this big World, we might even meet face to face sometime. Let's keep the joy and emotion of any possible QSO! TNX Bas, 73!

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