12 septembrie 2020

"Soundcard I/O: Failed at 48kHz and 8kHz, giving up".

After playing with various Virtual audio "cables" and lot of tweaking I finally mess up the sound configuration. In the HamRadio Deluxe  I got this idiot error:

"Soundcard I/O: Failed at 48kHz and 8kHz, giving up".

I tried to find a solution on the internet, found a guy or two with the same problem but the answer he get was useless... Some even suggested to modify settings of the system pagefile! DOH!!!

So, i tried other applications/programs but all showed the same kind of error, that pointed to some impossibility to access the soundcard.

I will not enter in details because I now you want the easy solution...


1. Click the WINDOWS key (left, down on the keyboard).

2. Write "privacy" and you will notice a selection will occur. Choose "Microphone Privacy Settings". A new window will open.

3. In the new window, under the "Allow apps to access your microphone" select "ON".

Thats it!
73 de YO3HJV

2 comentarii:

PE4BAS, Bas spunea...

Yep, a typical W10 problem. Strange message though. Normally you don;t get a message but your sound is simply not working. 73, Bas

Unknown spunea...

I've been trying hard to fix this problem until I read your solution. Thank you very much for the solution. You have helped me very well.
73, PA3ANV Gerrit

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