11 iulie 2007

Kenwood TH-F7E

This is the european version of the TH-F6 tribander (USA).
The F7 have capabilities for transmitting only on 2 m band and 70 cm band (the USA version can transmit on 1.25 m band).
Is a robust radio despite it's dimensions.
I like the loud volume but I don't like the PTT press button... Feels cheap plastic thing! Bad, bad, bad.
Another annoying thing is the APO function... It's like the entire engineering board from Kenwood suffered a subit brain attack and the APO was left to be done by some genitor! The APO stops the radio only if two conditions occur:
a. The radio keys are not touched in the preset time range, and
b. no signal is received in the preset time range.
This is real STUPID! Everytime I left the radio on FM broadcast station and I go to sleep, when I wake up I found the radio working, of course! This makes me mad because I like to always have my main portable radio with a charged battery...
This post will be further edited to become a complete review... later...

Great Service support in USA!

Service manuals here.

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