18 iulie 2009

QRV in San Antioco Island (Sardinia/Sardegna)

From 18th of July till 30th of July, I will be QRV from San Antioco Island as IM0/YO3HJV/P. IOTA ref. nr. EU-024 I will use a FT857D with a LDG z100, 4:1 Guanella and a doublet dipole. PSK31, SSB and photos with EasyPal. The PC is a Thinkpad x40 with a homebrew interface. I plan to make some trips on surrounding islands so, interesting callsigns to come! More info to come here! QSL via Bureau.

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Andy spunea...

Concediu placut si cat mai multe legaturi! 73 de Andy-YO3JR/YR1A

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