21 august 2012

What you can do with a IC-703 in manpack configuration

Here are some videos about QRP HF. The backpack has a Icom IC-703+ with a 9:1 UnUn (homemade). Most of time I use a Clansman/Racal foldable whip (abt.2m long). From time to time I use all kind of random antennas like the one used for a QSO with YU1MTZ at my holiday house in Busteni.
The power supply is a 12V 7 Ah SLA battery.
The log is held in a classic way, on paper and at the end of the day, in HRD log.

Yu1MTZ - 40m band (10W)
IK2YTZ - 20m band (5W)
YP1WFF and YO2MTG - 20m band (Costinesti to Timis, short skip!) 5W

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