30 noiembrie 2012

Solar Eclipse from a high altitude helium baloon - Eclipser 1

Life is boring! What can we do to improve it? To have some excitement?
Plan a helium balloon launch in the middle of a total solar eclipse!
Well, this is in Australia! On the other side of the Earth!
So what?
A mixed team of Romanians and Australians launched one of the most interesting high altitude balloons, right in the middle of a solar eclipse, in november 2012.
The project was managed by Stiinta si Tehnica and the main sponsor was DURACELL.
The balloon has the burst at almost 37.000 m a.s.l. and was tracked via APRS.
The antenna was an exclusive project for this kind of missions from Radioamateur's Club YO3KSR in Bucharest.
I missed this year's eclipse due to some technical problems with my Australian Visa (granted at 20th of November, after the flight...) but, who knows? Maybe i'll catch it next year!

Enjoy the video from the onboard camera:

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