04 iunie 2021

Split one COM port between two software programs

Many times I was facing a complicated problem: using two software programs that need to access the same serial port at the same time. This is the case when a CAT program like Ham Radio Deluxe want to access the radio but, in the same time, I want to use my favorite Log program! 

Usually, this is not possible because the intrinsec properties of a serial UART prevent it to be addressed by two different programs

Usually, commercial products are spicy and, if I can use the money on hardware, this is what I choose to do.

So, I search and search for a proper solution to use my SW without paying too much and I found that it is possible to have a really freeware solution.

And the solution came from ETERLOGIC  and it is named: VSPE - Virtual Serial Ports Emulation.

Download it, install it.

Create a "New Device". It will made a new virtual serial port and will connect it to the hardware serial port.

Then, this new virtual serial port can be used into the software.

I used it with:


-N3FJP Amateur's log

-N3FJP CQ WW DX Contest log

All simultaneously!

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