25 mai 2022

ICOM IC-7100 E Extended frequency Mod

Our EmComm group ( RVSU ) is using  the IC-7100 from ICOM as primary HF Radio.

We therefore must be able to use it on the full range of frequency so we "mod" it. 

Actually, we modified the configuration diode matrix so the radio will TX from 

0.1 MHz - 199.999 MHz and

400 - 470 MHz.

It will still not transmitt AM on the VHF and UHF.


-The modification cand damage your radio!

-Do not transmitt out of the authorisation privileges!

-I have no responsibility for what are YOU doing with YOUR radio.

Pictures are said to worth thousand words, so I give you two thousand:



The removed diodes are soldered on one side of the pads just to have them handy when the mod will be reversed (if needed).

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