08 decembrie 2009

Hamsphere users: Get a REAL life!

First tought was that I found a great tool to make QSO's when the band is down!
After reading carefully the disclaimer, I found that:
-I have to pay activation fee;
-I have to pay annual fee;

-I have to share the "band" with non amateurs;

-I have to listen "number stations" on 7015 kHz (wow! cold war again?!???)

And, above all, the IP ham is the most dangerous thing to REAL HAM!
I remember the times when ham was about FREE speach over the air!
So, I strongly advise you TO NOT USE HAMSPHERE!
Instead, buy yourself a DIY kit for a simple receiver and a simple transmitter! There are plenty of them on internet pages!
Buy a book and study!
Or, buy a prepaid mobile phone and start QSl with it!
What the heck is this: to install a VOIP and to pay for some pseudo QSO's?!?
And, to speak about good practices in ham radio!
This is, probably, the biggest humbug in the ham radio (after Miracle Whip, of course!)
C'mon folks! Stay out of this surrogate ham traffic! Get a real radio! Get a real life!

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