08 decembrie 2009

ICOM IC-706MKIIG no longer in production

Finally, the rumours has been dismantled... The well known IC-706MKIIG is no longer in production!

ICOM Australia (cited by Amateur Radio Victoria) said it has checked with Japan and been reassured that the earlier advice received that the popular transceiver has been discontinued is correct.

The reason is that some components used in the IC-706MKIIG are no longer available and the model had to cease production.

ICOM Australia’s authorised agents were told in writing last month that only back orders received before 30 November would be supplied before production stopped. Also now out of production are the IC-T90A, IC-2720H, IC-910H and a few receivers.

The last production day at the ICOM plant in Wakayama Japan for the IC-706MKIIG will be 9th of December 2009. Seems that Santa loose a valuable radio for good fell'as Hams!

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