23 august 2012

To QSL or not!

It is said that the QSL is the final polite of a QSO. But not in Romania! In Romania the Bureau is a tabu subject. It is run by a sport federation which puts a lot of energy into making trainers and referees. What do they need referees on a ham contest? I do not know! It seems to me like a stupid ideea to preapre a lot of referees but not radioamateurs! But this is another issue... So, because I like to send a confirmation, I choose Seems that is a big business there because you can apply to a recognition after you "donate" some amount of money and the award is on a pay basis. On the other hand, there is LOTW where you can apply for a recognised award and pay only for the award itself! So, I will maintain my e-qsl subscription just for AG member and migrate to LOTW for awards! Today I sent the envelope with the ID to ARRL.

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