08 august 2013

FT 857D Manpack - revisited, ep.1

A few years ago, I made a manpack based on a FT857D. This days, a friend of mine, YO3IPC, amazed by the versatility of the IC-703 I use, ask me if I can help him with some ideeas for a FT857D manpack.
Therefore, I draw some plans for a "powerfull" 25W manpack.

The plan was to use a 12V, 12Ah SLA and a Harris foldable antenna, a 9:1 BALUN and a Z11 PRO ATU. All around a FT857D from Yaesu,  so a (very) solid frame will be needed.
We choose a 1/2 inch plumbing pipe (copper) and some aluminium 2mm thick tape.

Today we made the frame.We'll do the rest tomorrow!

 The first lateral frame (The Saxophone):

The bottom section:

The full frame after soldering:

 The same frame after some polishing:

... and after the first paint job...

... ready for mounting the radio, the ATU and other stuff!

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