10 aprilie 2014

CODAN 9350 console for Nissan X-Trail

So, yesterday was my "sunny day" when I finally receive the custom-made console for my CODAN 9350/9360 antenna.
The assembly is made from a fixed steel plate and a elevated arm on which the antenna is affixed.
It's made from 5mm thick steel and it fixes onto the original rear trail hook. A few solder points and it's capable to support around 100 kg's!

Fixed plate:
 Final look:

3 comentarii:

Unknown spunea...

Interesanta prinderea desi pe capota este cel mai bine stea ... Am vazut la un englez o antena similara prinsa de suportul de schiuri de pe capota , arata bine :))) numai bine ...

Unknown spunea...

Scuze , nu am semnat : Dan yo3gh

YO3HJV, Adrian spunea...

Nu se poate pune pe capota si sa si mergi cu machineta! Se rupe capota!

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