31 august 2007

Alinco DJ-580

I owned one of this portables in the mid of 90's.
Was bought from a flea market for around 500 bucks... A enormous price, but... I did want it!
The radio was a little too bulky as I have a TH-79 to compare. Also, the menu was a little bit confusing for my brain.
The sensitivity was poor and the selectivity was the same. I repeat, in comparation with the Kenwood dual bander TH-79.
I remember that I had have to make some hardware modifications in order to achieve full duplex operation.
The transmitter was the same as the receiving. Poor.
But you have to consider that I used the stock antenna and, at that time, I didn't know that stock antennas performed generally bad.
The great thing was the dual band receive.
Generally speaking, I think that the DJ-580 was a replica to the well-built Yaesu FT-530.
If asked, I will not buy again!


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